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Fine Print

Just like you, we don't like having legalistic terms anywhere on our site. However, we live in a very regulated society, and the law (and lawyers) have set clear paths for all of us to tread us, lest we feel the blunt force of the law. The intent of this section is to protect everyone, you and us. Your rights are of utmost importance to us. No business can thrive if it does not build itself as an extension of its users. You succeed, we succeed.


This Privacy Policy is applicable to the use of ZeGenie® Services by you. The Privacy Policy describes the type of information ZeGenie® collects from you and how it is used by us. This Privacy policy is applicable only to the personal information collected on ZeGenie® websites and in ZeGenie® content which is available on our websites where this privacy policy is posted. It is not applicable to any other kind of information which is collected by ZeGenie® through any other ways. This Privacy Policy is not applicable to our International Partners, or any websites which are maintained by other entities to which ZeGenie® is linked. ZeGenie® cannot be held responsible for the materials and content provided on those websites or any private information those websites may collect from you.

Lastly, the terms of this Privacy Policy are subject to all laws which are applicable.

Your Consent to this Privacy Policy

If you use ZeGenie® Services then you accept to the terms of this Privacy Policy as ZeGenie® may change them from time to time if needed. This Privacy Policy is a part of the ZeGenie® terms of use and is incorporated in to it. They govern the use of ZeGenie® Service.

Personal Information

While registering or purchasing ZeGenie® Service, you may be asked for your basic details like name, age, email, country, location and your residential details along with billing details(credit card number and personal information). ZeGenie® can also collect and preserve other information about the classes you have, and other information which you may voluntarily choose to provide which includes pictures and other identity information.

Right to Opt in and Opt Out

You have the power to “opt-in” and “opt-out” of certain of our uses of your private information. You can also choose or opt for not receiving any promotional emails from ZeGenie®. If you choose not to receive any promotional emails from ZeGenie®, we may still contact you in relation with your prolonged use of ZeGenie® Service.

Collection of Information via Technology

In order to improve the performance of our website, every time when you visit ZeGenie® website, the following things are automatically collected and stored by us

How Your Information is used

Whatever the purpose may be, your information will be collected only to extent necessary to fulfill you requests and our business objectives. For example, your personal information submitted through a job application is used by us to assess your candidacy or the email address which is obtained from the newsletter registration is used to deliver the newsletter emails. We utilize your personal information for the following purposes:

Sharing of Information with Third Parties

Your information will never be shared with a third party by us other than outlined in this policy. The information you provide us may be used by us to give you access to the different parts of ZeGenie® Service. The information will also be used by us for our internal record keeping purposes and we may send you notices by email and schemes and also examples of method also let you know about additional courses or any other programs in which you may be interested.

Following are the methods by which third parties can have access to your information:

1) Public Display of Information

If you take part in community features, you will be making your username display in the public. You are also allowed to display your basic information like name, contact info through our services. Moreover our chat, tricks and forums allow you to interact with members of the online community. If you give your private info in any part of the website, that information can be collected and misused by people whom you are not familiar with and so you should never give out your private information. You should never post your full name, residential address, home phone number or any other financial information that would allow users to identify and locate you.

2) Service Providers

Frequently we hire other companies to carry out tasks necessary for our internal operations. For example in order to fulfill an order of games, for the delivery of promotional emails, for providing customer service, we may become affiliated with some other companies. Your personal information may be accessed by the companies hired by us, while they are providing services for us. These companies are ordered to use it mainly as requested by us for the purpose of our service. Such companies are under the obligation to preserve your personal information in confidence. Postal addresses to the U.S. Post office or other couriers may also be provided by us for delivery purposes.

3) Licensors

Occasionally, we jointly develop courses and software with other parties ('Licensors'), who may have access to your information. However, this current privacy policy will remain in effect for these licensors as well, and we will make every effort to enforce that. Should they break any of the terms in this policy, ZeGenie waives any and all responsibility, and said licensors are fully legally liable for any damages.

4) Aggregate Information

We may get your Personal information and convert it into non-personally identifiable. This is done by us either by combining it with information about other individuals (mixing your information with other individuals’ information), and by eliminating characteristics (e.g. your date of birth). Such factors make the information personally identifiable to you. This method is called de-personalizing your information. De-personalized information may be used by us in any way and also it may be shared with third parties.

5) Legally Compelled Disclosures

User information may be disclosed by us whenever we are forced to do as by government authorities or whenever required or permitted by law for example like for responding to court orders and subpoenas. User information may also be disclosed by us whenever we believe that any individual could be harmed by such activities.

Purchase or Sale of Businesses/Survivability

Though currently we do not have a parent company, any subsidiaries, joint ventures under a common control, it can change in future. Your personal information may be shared with these affiliates. In that case our Affiliates should honor our Privacy Policy. If another company acquires our assets then all the personal information collected by us will be possessed by that company and all the rights and obligations concerning your personal information will be assumed by that company as described in this Privacy Policy. If our site is sold as a result of bankruptcy proceedings then also the provisions of this paragraph will apply.

If you want to know

The various types of personal information that we disclosed in the previous calendar year to such third parties regarding you for the interests of the third parties’ marketing and/or The names and residential addresses of such third parties please use our customer support form to contact us.

Changes to Privacy Policy

At any time ZeGenie® may find it necessary to make changes to this Privacy Policy to make changes in the ways ZeGenie® collects or utilizes your information. ZeGenie® has the power to modify this Privacy Policy at any time by updating and re-publishing this Privacy Policy on our website. Reasonable efforts will be made by ZeGenie® to notify you of any changes, but information will be taken care of according to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time of use of the information.

Contact us

For your queries and feedback regarding our privacy practices, please contact us through our customer feedback form.