ZeSchool Features

Your digital classroom at your fingertips

The Classroom Panel gives the teacher 360 visibility of the digital classroom, including reports on current student activities and screenshots of student devices.


A unique feature of ZeSchool, AutoConnect manages your students' for you. As soon as they are online they get connected automatically.

Force / Follow

Another unique feature of ZeSchool, you can project content onto student devices, or even have them launch applications.

Node: The demo above shows the student screen as the teacher forces them to go to a resource. The student is unable to change tabs or the page (you see the mouse moving), however, the teacher changed tabs on the fly in front of the student.


All your online applications can now be managed from a single dashboard on ZeSchool, including logging students in automatically.


The built-in secure browser (based on Chrome / Safari) gives you full control of what students are accessing, including course-dependent links so you don't keep looking for them.


Develop content easily with the built-in editor, even assessments!


A unique feature of ZeSchool, you can now annotate all types of content including websites, applications.