ZeSchool Benefits

Reduce your IT and teaching costs

Technology: ZeSchool glues all your different systems together (and can even replace many of them - e.g. email, LMS, parent portal), has (almost) zero maintenance cost, is provisioned automatically.

Hardware: As it is hardware-agnostic, you are not locked-in to hardware vendors, allowing you to compare devices on equal footing.

Material: Thanks to ZeSchool's AutoConnect and Force/Follow features, you can now use digital content seamlessly, including free OER's.

Control your Classroom

You no longer have to look over students' shoulders or worry about them logging in to the right app. ZeSchool takes away all technology pain and gives you 360 visiblity to your classroom, real-time.

Focus on Teaching

With technology issues out of the way, you can now deploy content (including your own thanks to our easy-to-use content editor), applications and assessments.

A much more focused teaching and learning experience dramatically improves outcomes (and is fun too!)

Real-time Reports & Data

You have real-time classroom visiblity, and all your assessments' reports at your finger tips. You can dissect to your heart's delight to catch challenges early.

Communicate with Students & Parents

The built-in chatting facility has features you won't find elsewhere.

First, you can link your chat to a course or topic for a more focused conversation.

Second, you can chat with a givent student parents & guardians (they get alerts on their mobile devices) in one conversation, so 'no parent is left behind'.