Mobile Ready

We've designed our platform from the ground up to be mobile-first, whatever the device you or your students are using (iPad, iPhone, Android, Nook, Windows etc.)

Clean Design

No technical gibberish or complicated manuals, all ZeGenie systems are designed to be used by all students and teachers. So you can focus on learning, not debugging.

Flexible by Design

We can't impose on teachers how to manage their classrooms, but we can help ... a lot! Flexibility by Design means we left as much openness in our platform to adjust and make changes based on feedback.

Excellence drives everything we do

Device agnostic

With the multitude of tablets and computers available, we focus on working with all of them.

Beautiful Design

Everything we do has to be enjoyable to use, no one wants to be 'forced' to learn.

Dedicated Support

It is not about technology or tools, it's about making sure that the learning and teaching experience are unparalleled.

User friendly

There is no time in the classroom to fiddle or debug technology, it should work right, all the time.


There is no one way to teach, forcing teachers to adapt. We should adapt to the way you teach.

Endless Possibilities

Once the tools are in your hands, you are the master, how do you want to manage your classroom or learning?

Everytime we update the (ZeSchool) App from the App Store, we are amazed at the new features. Not only that, we can use them right away as they are intuitive.

Math Teacher

ZeSchool solved our BYOD nightmare. We couldn't (and didn't want to) invest in hardware that would lock us in. Now we don't have to worry about devices, and our teachers don't have steep learning curves.

Nha Nguyen

ZeGenie has really went to great lengths to develop the publishing platform of the future. We developed our digital content in 1/4 of the time and it worked on all devices, and had some of the best animations we have seen!

VP Technology for leading US publisher

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