Our Mission

To enable the digital classroom, regardless of hardware, software or content


Complete control & visibility over each student's activity. Differentiated or group instruction, all at your fingertips.


Works with your apps and your LMS. Access your favourite learning websites, no passwords - no hassle. You can even project on your Digital White Board.


Works on any mobile device, iPad / iPhone, Android. It even works on PC, Mac and Chromebook. One app for all your classroom devices.

Super Simple

Learning technology for the classroom that works out of the box! No hassle, no complicated setup, it just works.

21st century learning will require a rethink of learning tools, and how they work together.

Innovative Solutions to the Learning Problem

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ZeSchool - The App for your classroom

Universal - iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, Chromebook, Linux

A single App that manages your classroom, at your fingertips. Click here to start using it for FREE. Among its amazing features:

  • Easy to use - heals itself if something goes wrong
  • Remembers (encrypted) passwords for simple log in to your favourite website and apps
  • Complete control of student learning experience
  • Complete visibility on what each student is doing
  • Same look and feel, regardless of device used

ZeLMS - The complete & easy to use learning platform

A single learning platform that integrates your content, assignments, into your teaching. Among its amazing features:

  • Extremely cost-effective with single price of $5 / student for ALL features
  • Very easy to use - simple interface
  • Very light - perfect for blended learning and at home
  • Already integrated into ZeSchool App
  • Complete assessment engine, social apps (wiki, blog, chat, video chat)
  • Easily integrates into your SIS (School Information System)

Algebra Genie - The only Algebra App you will need

Built using our best-in-class content development system, we were able to generate over 500 interactive learning objects, in the time it takes to make 50 with other platforms.
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